1. Support Video For Grisha

    My Friend hase BRAIN CANCER.. He need a support. Me and lot of Voluteers want to make a Support Video with pictures Like THIS.. If u can , please till the tomorrow 00:00 ( in your time zone) send me your Picture with your Wishes . His name is Grisha.. Send your Picture in my email `  karogrigoryan@mail.ru  !!! plz. it’s Really so important. he just 19 Years old. Common Support him (((( In the next pic it is Grisha . :))
    p.s. Sorry 4 my Bed english .. )) hope u understand what i mean !! He love football. He is a Fan of Barcelona ))image



  2. Please, Help a Young Foorballer to overcome the Cancer

    18-year-old Grisha Simonian was born and raised in Moscow. Like many peers, Grisha went to school, played ball and wanted to become a footballer. 

    “In late September, Grisha started getting headaches, but he hid it at first.” explained Vardan Grishaevich, Grisha Simonyan’s father. “At first we all thought teenage growing pains. But the pain increased in October and held for 20 days. We went to a doctor and completed the first course of treatment. This did not help. We then went to another doctor, who suggested that Grisha get an MRI. The next morning they announced the diagnosis. I was shocked, and my wife fainted. The doctor said, “Cancer of the brain.” Grisha immediately underwent surgery. First, the doctors said that the tumor was benign, but then it was determined that Grisha had a malignant brain tumor. I was ready to look for any doctors to help save my son.”

    Currently, Grisha is undergoing treatment in Russia. After numerous surgeries and medical procedures, the Simonyan family has already spent a huge amount of money on medical expenses. By uniting, we can give Grisha a chance to cope through his illness. Please help. The trouble can happen to anyone of us. We believe that with your help, Grisha will again enjoy a healthy-full life, and who knows, maybe one day become the footballer he always dreamed of becoming. We are asking for your support in any convenient manner.

    Sberbank of Russia 
    Moscow Bank 
    SWIFT-code - SABRRUMM 
    Bank Name - Add. Office N9038/01352 
    Bank location - Moscow, ul.Rimskogo-Korsakov, 2 
    Payee - 42307978638051600299 
    Name recipient - SIMONIAN Grisham Vardanovich

    Sberbank of Russia 
    Moscow Bank 
    SWIFT-code - SABRRUMM 
    Bank Name - Add. Office N9038/01352 
    Bank location - Moscow, ul.Rimskogo-Korsakov, 2 
    Payee - 42307840938051601123 
    Name recipient - SIMONIAN Grisham Vardanovich


  3. The Dennehy’s decide to give the gift of ‘family’ to nine children from around the world.

  4. Marla Weinhoff Commented In This Pic on LM.COM )) 
    - beautiful spirit … 
    What You Think About My Work ?

  5. #BornBraveGallery#2 
    BE YOU
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  7. Be brave enough to live life creatively. The creative place where no one else has ever been.


  8. Anonymous From Canada !!

    #BornToBeBrave !!!!! 
    I remember when I was younger people kept calling me ”the kraken”. Well, this nickname was such a pain, people also called me fatty, I’ve been beaten, so then I was fighting with everyone… My friends wouldn’t do anything, nor my parents because they could not… So I passed 6 years crying. And now, I’ve got thin, I grew up, and these guys beating me up are caught in drugs and problems. So for those who are all bullied, keep you head up. Thank you Lady Gaga !!!!

  9. Be proud of yourself!

    I’m not a model, and so I might as well not look like one, but I still have my pride, and that’s what counts.
    What makes you proud of yourself? Tell it us!
    Gaga and Tara we want to know it from you too ”
    And Gaga Write a Comment in This Pic
    Lady Gaga - I’m proud when i see you feeling proud, it makes me feel like i matter


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